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Sunday, April 5, 2020
Tom Harry

Industry viewpoint : Regulation & data : MTS

Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) Q&A with Tom Harry, Regulatory Specialist, MTS How well prepared are institutions for the impending requirements of SFTR? Most repo market participants...
Mehmet Mazi, HSBC

Smart deployment of tech is key to boost FI desk effectiveness

Mehmet Mazi, Managing Director and Head of Credit Trading at HSBC, gives his expert insight into optimising the trading desk. Where are the greatest risks...

The reward of risk

By Larry E. Fondren, Founder & CEO, DelphX Capital Markets Inc. Traditional risk/reward comparisons treat the effective cost of an investment’s risk as a decrement...

Developing liquid, sustainable markets in SOFR and SONIA

In conversation with Mark Rogerson, executive director, head of interest rate products, EMEA, CME Group Momentum is gathering in the development of alternative reference rates...

Industry viewpoint : MTS

Work smarter with MTS Auto Execution – trade automation at your fingertips Paul O’Brien, Senior Product Manager at MTS Markets Automation has become so imbedded in our everyday...

Industry viewpoint : smartTrade : Benjamin Becar

Finding solutions Benjamin Becar, Fixed Income Product Manager at smartTrade Technologies, speaks to The DESK about how technology is key to overcoming buy-side fixed income...

Industry viewpoint : Mark Russell : Tradeweb

A new era of intelligent execution By Mark Russell, Head of Credit, Europe, Tradeweb Electronic trading has earned its place as an indispensable part of fixed income...

Industry viewpoint : UBS : Giuseppe Nuti

Fixed income: Exploring alternative uses of machine learning By Giuseppe Nuti, Managing Director, Global Head of the Central Risk Book and Data Analysis at UBS. Advances in machine learning...

Viewpoint : Technology for OFTR securities : Susan Estes

Time to awaken the sleeping giant Susan Estes, Co-Founder, CEO & President of OpenDoor Securities The tripling in size of the US Treasuries market over the...

Viewpoint : Empowering the PM : Jonathan Gray

Liquidity opportunities for the fixed income portfolio manager Jonathan Gray, Head of Fixed Income EMEA, Liquidnet The corporate bond market has changed dramatically in the last...