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Buy-side firms warn on herding effect of QE

By Aulia Beg. Portfolio managers have expressed concern about the ‘herding’ behaviour within the investment community, resulting from central banks’ quantitative easing (QE) programmes. In a...

On The DESK : Gianluca Minieri, Pioneer Investments

The Greatest Concentration of Risk Gianluca Minieri has been the global head of trading at Pioneer Investments since 2011, driving reform across trading operations, including...

Treasuries crunch: Sponging up Treasury liquidity

A considerable increase in trade failures, combined with falling volume and buy-and-hold strategies is creating a shallow market in US treasuries, making the October...
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Ipreo positive on FCA primary market consultation

By Flora McFarlane. Primary market platform provider Ipreo has welcomed the consultation on primary markets by UK market regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). “The FCA’s...

On The Desk: Christoph Hock: On building efficiency

Union Investment’s development of a multi-asset trading team and segregation of high and low touch business is allowing it to focus trading resource where...

Corporate bonds : E/OMS politics : Anna Reitman

GATEKEEPERS TO LIQUIDITY. E/OMS providers need to overcome political hurdles to help the buy side navigate credit’s fractured markets. Anna Reitman investigates. Vendors and brokers that...

Government & municipal bonds | Investor paradox | Dan Barnes

SWIMMING WITH GOVERNMENTS. Government agencies are issuers, rival investors, market regulators and controllers of interest rates; how do asset managers handle them? Dan Barnes writes. Central...

Video: Trends in Fixed Income Trading: Metamodern Meditations on the Future Market Structure

Russell Dinnage, managing consultant at GreySpark Partners, talks about how the structure of trading in the fixed income market could change over the next...

On The Desk: Jim Switzer: On taking control

The AllianceBernstein credit trading desk has been refocused to handle market fragmentation and the withdrawal of dealer liquidity, giving its traders a commanding presence...

On The Desk: Juan Landazabal: On trader evolution

Juan Landazabal, global head of Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Trading at Deutsche Asset Management describes the internal and external pressures that are shaping the...

On The Desk: Paul Squires: On calm and the storm

AXA Investment Managers’ global head of trading & securities financing displays a steady hand as his trading function begins servicing new investment models while...

On The Desk: Christine Kenny : Loomis Sayles

KNOWLEDGE AS AN ASSET (FROM DESK TO MANAGEMENT). Christine Kenny, managing director, senior fixed income strategist, compliance officer and head of the London office at Loomis, Sayles...

Government & municipal bonds : Electro muni : Chris Hall

GLOBAL WINDS OF CHANGE FUEL MUNICIPAL BOND AUTOMATION. International interest is pushing the municipal bond market towards greater electronification and transparency. Chris Hall reports. A new...

Corporate bonds : How big is credit? : Joel Clark

STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR CREDIT PLATFORMS. As corporate bond trading platforms do battle, the size of the prize is not clear. Joel Clark reports. How much...

Regulation : Brokers warned on SI regime missteps : Dan Barnes

Regulators have expressed concern over banks’ plans for operating systematic internalisers (SIs) under the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). Dealers have...
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ESMA: Confusion over TO/TOTV to be resolved “within weeks”

By Aulia Beg In the coming weeks, the European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA) has said it will provide greater clarity around the definition of Trading...
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Asset managers ‘not investment firms’ under MiFID II?

By Flora McFarlane & Dan Barnes. Several European investment managers have reportedly claimed that they will not be classified as investment firms under the revised...

Just 23% of buy-side firms confident in preparedness for MiFID II

By Flora McFarlane. A new report by block-trading specialist Liquidnet says that MiFID II will drive automation in trading, but firms face many complexities and...
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Buy-side desks swing extra US$2.1 million into fixed income trading technology

By Sobia Hamid. On average buy-side fixed income desks pushed US$2.1 million of additional budget into technology in 2016, according to new research from analyst...
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CanDeal extends hours to reach European investors

By Aulia Beg. Canadian fixed income platform CanDeal has extended its opening hours to capture more of the the European trading day. It will now...

Citadel Securities making markets in Treasuries on Tradeweb

By Dan Barnes. Citadel Securities has become a liquidity provider on the Tradeweb institutional US Treasury marketplace, for dealer-to-client trading. Citadel Securities’ expansion into Tradeweb’s...

Treasuries reform and the buy-side trading desk

Growing automation and market relationships will mean regulatory change is only part of the story. Dan Barnes investigates. Plans to make the US$543 billion-a-day US...

Rise of the EM platform

Trading EM bonds electronically is showing growth, despite the challenges in matching. Chris Hall reports. Emerging Market (EM) debt trading volumes recorded a 21% year-on-year...

Derivatives desks at the crossroads

Having full access to derivatives gives a trading desk greater flexibility, but heads of trading need to assess the operational burden. Francesca Carnevale and...