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MTS BondVision and B2SCAN: Tackling the liquidity challenge head-on

MTS BondVision and B2SCAN are partnering to streamline the process of execution in corporate bonds. By combining liquidity discovery with order matching, the trading...

Banca IMI: Lessons for europe

As europe braces for the impact of MiFID II’s transparency requirements on an illiquid corporate bond market, some traders are at an advantage. A...
Mark Pumfrey

Predicting the future by looking at the past

Mark Pumfrey, Liquidnet. Mark Pumfrey, Head of EMEA, Liquidnet says that drawing on past experiences can provide some guidance as to how a cause will...
Paul Reynolds

Changing with the times

By Paul Reynolds, CEO of Bondcube For a long time I have thought that the bond market shares many dynamics with the grocery industry. Large,...
Tullio Grilli, Banca Akros

Italian engineering

The longstanding debt market in Italy offers a good source of insight into the impact of changing rules around best execution and transparency in...