Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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FILS USA 2022: Boosting automation and innovation

The attention of buy-side portfolio managers and traders at the FILS conference in Nashville last week was focused on ways to better manage inefficiency...

Tangible returns from bond trade automation

Adoption of automated trading continues apace across several bond markets and within different grades of instrument. Gareth Coltman, global head of automation at MarketAxess,...

The DESK’s Trading Intentions Survey 2021 : MarketAxess

Consistently rated as the most effective platform for finding liquidity in the corporate bond market, MarketAxess has frequently been ahead of the market in...

Exclusive: MarketAxess trials new mid-point session protocol Mid-X

On Tuesday, MarketAxess ran the first session of a new mid-point matching tool, Mid-X, with over 50 participants. The new trading protocol is session-based...

March sell-off has driven a longer-term shift towards all-to-all trading

Buyers and sellers were successfully finding opportunities in all-to-all trading as traditional liquidity tightened. Does that herald a permanent shift in behaviour? All-to-all trading came...

The DESK’s Trading Intentions Survey 2020 : MarketAxess

MarketAxess is rated as the most effective platform for finding liquidity in the corporate bond space by buy-side traders, and is a constant contender...

Power to the people

New trading protocols can create paths to best execution or confound it through complexity. Chris Hall reports. “Every nation gets the government it deserves” was...

Did MiFID II spark a revolution?

An ‘all-star panel’ provided contrasting views on the pace of change being wrought by regulation and technology in Tuesday morning’s session, ‘Embracing a new...

High demand for effective trading protocols

Buy-side traders, whether heavily reliant on voice trading or moving to a more electronic execution model, say they are keen to find effective protocols that...

Viewpoint : Gareth Coltman : MarketAxess

Smarter trading – Data and auto execution An interview with Gareth Coltman, Head of European Product Management, MarketAxess. How is automation manifesting on the buy-side desk...