Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Six New Trends in Managing Fixed Income Accounts

By Blake Lynch, Head of Sales at IMTC. Predicting the bond market’s next move is difficult at best—will the yield curve steepen or flatten? Will...

Bill Vulpis appointed to IMTC advisory board

IMTC, the provider of fixed income investment management technology, has appointed industry-veteran Bill Vulpis to its advisory board. Vulpis brings extensive experience to IMTC as...

FILS USA 2022: Leveraging technology to greater effect

The audience at FILS USA got an in-depth insight into optimising front office technology on Thursday, with a detailed analysis of how desktop interoperability...

FILS USA 2022: How material will desktop Interoperability be for traders?

The rollout of FDC3 as a standard to support desktop interoperability between different applications has generated considerable interest in the trading community. Dwayne Middleton, global...

IMTC: Customising investment products efficiently in a rising rate environment

Technology is enabling investment managers to automate portfolio and instrument selection putting clients in the driving seat. The DESK interviewed Russell Feldman, CEO of IMTC,...

Russell Feldman named CEO of IMTC as it raises new funding

IMTC, a provider of fixed income investment management technology, has secured its first external funding round, which was led by Nyca Partners. This investment...

IMTC: Technology & The Future of Fixed Income

Technology & The Future of Fixed Income: How embracing new technology is critical to staying relevant in fixed income investment management By Russell Feldman, Chief Operating...

IMTC launches new, streamlined platform

Fixed income technology specialist, IMTC, has launched a new and improved platform designed to enable fixed income investment managers to improve the accuracy and...