Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Chart of the week: ECB rates rise expectations

Expectations on the European Central Bank’s appetite to increase its interest rate will have a direct and negative impact on European bond trading which...

Research: Fixed Income TCA Survey 2022

Better integration into trading workflow The DESK’s execution research survey into fixed income TCA 2022. Our research took in 40 major asset management firms’ use...

MarketAxess: New trading protocols are expanding, not cannibalising, liquidity

MarketAxess has reported its second highest level of quarterly revenue and credit trading volume, as well as a record total trading volume in Q1...

Versana to launch syndicated loan platform

Fintech firm Versana is to launch a syndicated loan platform, joining together banks, institutional lenders and their service providers in an effort to bring...

Block trading investigations follow a long trend

Several investigations reported in the press are following regulatory scrutiny of block trading arrangements. The investigations reported by Bloomberg, Reuters and the Financial Times...

Market reflects grim situation in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 by Russia, wedded to subsequent sanctions and travel restrictions have triggered a series of market responses...

Citi asserts control over any data tied to bilateral client trades

The European credit trading team at Citi has, according to several large asset managers, told buy-side clients the bank owns any data relating to...

Morgan Stanley analysts predicting Q4 was tough for bank FICC revenues

Morgan Stanley analysts, looking at the performance of investment banks in Q4 2021, are predicting a significant fall in revenues across fixed income, commodity...

Tradeweb caps record Q4; December lighter than analyst predictions

Market operator Tradeweb reported a total trading volume for December 2021 of US$19.9 trillion across rates, credit, equities and money markets, a decline of...

Emerging markets’ big issues in 2022

According to analysis by CreditSights, there has been a negative total return for credit in emerging markets with the exception of Gulf Cooperation Council...