Monday, May 23, 2022
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Is the market braced for another sell-off?

Traders are reporting the positive effects of innovation upon market liquidity but central banks hold all the cards. The association between the Covid 19 pandemic...

On The DESK : Stuart Campbell : BlueBay Asset Management

STUART CAMPBELL: OUTPERFORMANCE AND AUTO-EXECUTION. Leading the charge into electronic trading, Stuart Campbell tells The DESK how he has set up his team to prevail. Which characteristics...

The burgeoning portfolio trading business

Electronic portfolio trading offers an efficient execution channel for baskets of bonds, but Lynn Strongin Dodds finds there are several barriers to growth. Portfolio trading...

How asset managers capture micro-alpha opportunities

Setting up your desk correctly can help to boost returns for funds and clients. When an opportunity arises for a fund to improve its returns,...

FILS 2018: Advent of AI sees traders reskill, retool

By Chris Hall. Buy-side traders risk redundancy and irrelevance if they do not adapt to the opportunities for automation of fixed-income execution provided by new...

Technology : Trader engagement : Dan Barnes

Helping traders to think like engineers The gap between the technology a trading team wants and the technology it gets is often wide; helping them...