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Internal crossing for US bond trading needs ‘principles-based’ approach

Buy-side firms have roundly supported Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposals to allow internal crossing of fixed income trades in the US market, however...

Rock Springs Capital appoints T Rowe’s Williams as head of trading

Clive Williams, who led equity trading at T Rowe Price for nearly two decades, has been appointed head of trading at Rock Springs Capital...

Middleton appointed global head of FI trading at T Rowe Price

  Dwayne Middleton has been named the global head of fixed income trading at T Rowe Price, the US asset manager with US$1.12 trillion of...

Marc Wyatt, T. Rowe Price: On Reputation

Marc Wyatt, head of Global Trading at T. Rowe Price explains why, in an industry under pressure, standing up to your commitments is fundamental...

Traders grapple with bigger syndicates and more issuance

To handle wider syndicates and greater volumes of issuance, traders cannot rely on manual processes. Chris Hall investigates. “There has been no real improvement in...

Concern over data dominates corporate bond discussions

Limited access to data is impeding quantitative analysis of best execution for corporate bonds, leading to a need for more qualitative analysis for many...

Credit : Falling through the gaps

Asset managers fight for high-touch coverage Relationship management between buy- and sell-side firms is more necessary than ever, as the push to electronic trading risks...

Credit : Back for good : David Wigan

Cautious optimism on Dodd Frank roll-back. The US regulatory response to the financial crisis has shifted trading risk from sell-side to buy-side desks, making reform welcome....

T. Rowe Price opts for ICE’s Best Execution service

By Flora McFarlane. Asset manager T. Rowe Price has announced that it will use the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Data Services’ Best Execution service for trade...

Algomi: The two-pronged attack plan

Algomi has an idea almost universally agree to be good, yet it has struggled to get it adopted. It aggregates inventory data pre-trade, in...