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Direct price streaming will transform credit trading

Banks are providing corporate bond pricing feeds direct to clients shaping new potential execution paths. Dan Barnes reports. Big investment banks including Morgan Stanley, UBS...

Pre-trade data demand grows and platform concentration weakens

The 5th Annual Trading Intentions Survey sees a hunger for data and a surge in new liquidity tools. Key takeaways: •          Massive growth for crossing / mid-point...

Industry viewpoint : UBS : Giuseppe Nuti

Fixed income: Exploring alternative uses of machine learning By Giuseppe Nuti, Managing Director, Global Head of the Central Risk Book and Data Analysis at UBS. Advances in machine learning...

Technology : How smart is dealer AI? : Dan Barnes

Can artificial intelligence boost broker-dealers’ client coverage? Simple automation will not work for complex bond markets; tools that learn to find patterns are needed...

Rates : Trading protocols : Dan Barnes

The new Treasuries protocols Breaking away from the request-for-quote protocol could allow for tighter pricing without information leakage. Traders engaged in the US Treasury (UST) markets...

Trading Intentions Survey 2018

Greater dependence vs reduced choice The pipeline of growth is returning after MiFID II, with reliance on specific platforms increasing. In 2017 the appetite for onboarding...

Platforms: What the winners are doing right

A few platforms have consistently gained buy-side confidence over the last five years, through smart assistance and simplification of trading workflow. The three ‘O’s of...

UBS quantifies MiFID II ripples that will be felt across the...

The DESK. Banks will see trading revenue growth fall by roughly 1.5% in 2018 due to MiFID II, and that pressure will sustain for at...

Is the price right?

Transparent assessment of bond prices is a cornerstone of trust between investment managers and end investors. Chris Hall investigates. Pricing in fixed income markets is...

Industry viewpoint : All-to-all markets : Mark Goodman

FROM THE VILLAGE TO THE CITY. MAXIMISING THE BENEFITS OF THE ALL-TO-ALL MARKET. By Mark Goodman, Managing Director, Global Head of Electronic Trading – FX, Rates and Credit...