Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Data: Are you part of the data disenfranchised?

Where some firms advocate ‘democratising’ data others struggle to capture, process or access data which is crucial to supporting the business. Creating access to data,...

FILS USA 2022: Boosting automation and innovation

The attention of buy-side portfolio managers and traders at the FILS conference in Nashville last week was focused on ways to better manage inefficiency...

FILS USA 2022: Leveraging technology to greater effect

The audience at FILS USA got an in-depth insight into optimising front office technology on Thursday, with a detailed analysis of how desktop interoperability...

FILS USA 2022: Fixed income turbulence to continue says AllianceBernstein CEO

The turbulence in fixed income markets over the past six months likely will continue through the second half of 2022, according to Seth Bernstein,...

Glue42 working with AllianceBernstein muni trading team

Glue42, the desktop integration specialist, has added investment firm AllianceBernstein (AB) to its client roster, to try and help the firm’s buy-side traders gain...

Broadridge’s LTX platform launches buy-side advisory group

To further help develop corporate bond trading and advance market structure, Broadridge Financial Solutions has formed a new Buy-Side Advisory Group for LTX, Broadridge's...

Technology: Can the EMS become a desktop trading venue?

Direct streaming of dealer prices could allow traders to bypass third party venues, if their desktop systems can be used to execute direct streams...

AllianceBernstein executes credit block trade with four buyers on LTX

AllianceBernstein has reportedly become the first buy-side firm to receive aggregated liquidity from multiple buyers on the same block trade. The trade was enabled...

Risk – Redemption shock

If funds are not given daily liquidity by the market, can they support daily redemptions for clients? Chris Hall reports. When pandemic-fuelled panic hit the...

China’s bond futures add to liquidity from index inclusion

Still fighting for the depth of US and Japanese bond markets, China’s liberalisation of derivatives trading bodes well for market liquidity. Lynn Strongin Dodds reports. After almost...