Friday, December 9, 2022
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FILS 2022: Dealers address Project Amber, streaming prices and increasing competitiveness

Market making has not fully matched buy-side demand in 2022, with trading desks voicing ongoing concern about bidless markets in some areas of fixed...

Citadel poaches Rauseo

Kevin Rauseo has joined Citadel LLC, the alternative investment firm. Rauseo, who was formerly an executive director and head credit trader at rival systematic...

Is the market braced for another sell-off?

Traders are reporting the positive effects of innovation upon market liquidity but central banks hold all the cards. The association between the Covid 19 pandemic...

Citadel confirms Chang to join in September

Citadel has confirmed that Isaac Chang, the head of trading at AQR Capital Management since 2016, will join the Citadel hedge fund in September...

US Treasury market change catalysed by proprietary trading firms

Proprietary trading firms are driving change faster than the interdealer brokers, writes David Wigan. Direct streaming of pricing data is changing the historical client/dealer relationship...

Regulation Automated Trading – The finishing line

Lynn Strongin Dodds asks whether the CFTC can get the bill passed before the election and what its impact will be if it does. The...