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Securities Financing : US repo : Lynn Strongin Dodds

T-Bills swamp the market but repo stays afloat Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at the US repo market and how it is staying liquid. Views are divided...

Deutsche Bank fortifies its fixed income offering, announces systematic internaliser

By Flora McFarlane. Deutsche Bank has signalled its intent in the fixed income game, with the German bank the first to say it will register...

What the regulators don’t know about spoofing

At least 5% of treasuries volume is self-trading yet the legality of these trades is unchecked. Dan Barnes, reports. Self-trading is defined as a transaction in...

ICAP and the buy side – the beginning of something?

A consensus-led approach has allowed the interdealer broker to overcome political challenges, as brokers open a channel for their investment management clients. Dan Barnes...

On The DESK : Nick Greenland : BNY Mellon Investment Management

Making the team. Nicholas Greenland is managing director for APAC and EMEA, head of broker/dealer relationships for BNY Mellon Investment Management based in London. In...