Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Get it together: Traders seek primary market harmony

With issuance expected to stay high in 2022, traders appeal for a streamlined approach to primary market interfaces. The level of global bond issuance in...

Will the EC ban electronic bilateral bond trading?

The broadening definition of ‘multilateral’ is at risk of capturing all trading if traders do not speak out. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)...

MeTheMoneyShow: Robinhood IPO; US Treasury Trading Issues 

In this podcast Dan Barnes speaks with Terry Flanagan about Robinhood's recent IPO and how the retail brokerage app fits in the market ecosystem. They...

MeTheMoneyShow : Cryptic problems for US regulators

In this podcast Dan Barnes speaks with Terry Flanagan and asks whether Europe is leading the race for exchange traded products? They discuss the...

MeTheMoneyShow : Brexit Schmexit and a passing of the old guard

In this podcast Dan Barnes speaks with Lynn Strongin Dodds on how the USA is winning derivatives business from the UK - to the...

MeTheMoneyShow : Retail therapy with Shanny Basar

In this podcast Dan Barnes discusses 'retail therapy' with Shanny Basar, who recounts the soothing sound of a congressional hearing into retail trading and...

MeTheMoneyShow : The ‘special’ relationship tested by derivatives trading

In this podcast Dan Barnes discusses with Lynn Strongin Dodds the UK’s overtures to the US in getting access to securities and derivatives trading;...

MeTheMoneyShow : Dimon worries about fintechs

Dan Barnes, Editorial Director of Markets Media Europe and senior writer Shanny Basar discuss the latest shareholder 'letter' from Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive of...

MeTheMoneyShow – Episode 26 (Women in Finance Awards 2020)

 Dan Barnes and Terry Flanagan discuss some of the highlights of the sixth annual Markets Media, Women in Finance Awards. To view the virtual awards...

MeTheMoneyShow – Episode 25 (Brexit, Covid-19 and other challenges)

 Dan Barnes and Lynn Strongin Dodds discuss the latest on the Brexit saga, the implications of a Biden victory in the US Presidential election,...