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GreySpark: Smart data analytics key in reducing trading costs

A new piece of GreySpark Partners research has found that spending by investment banks and asset managers on markets and transaction data in the...

GreySpark: Single-tier fixed income markets on rise

Consultancy GreySpark has found a clear shift in the fixed income market towards single-tier electronic venues, as a result of regulatory changes and greater...

Rise of the EM platform

Trading EM bonds electronically is showing growth, despite the challenges in matching. Chris Hall reports. Emerging Market (EM) debt trading volumes recorded a 21% year-on-year...

Corporate bonds : How big is credit? : Joel Clark

STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR CREDIT PLATFORMS. As corporate bond trading platforms do battle, the size of the prize is not clear. Joel Clark reports. How much...

The technology behind price making

Lynn Strongin Dodds canvasses the market to see who is willing to pick up the gauntlet in Europe. If dealers are trading less, they are...

Making a mark on TCA

Transaction cost analysis is becoming more sophisticated despite data limitations. Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at the current offerings. Fixed income markets are becoming more transparent....