Friday, December 2, 2022
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GreySpark: Buyer’s guide for cross-asset e-trading tools sets new expectations

Analyst firm GreySpark has released a new report on vendor-provided cross-asset e-trading solutions as a buyer’s guide to help traders, resetting expectations for the...

Tackling the cost challenge in fixed income trading

In today’s highly competitive and cost-conscious fixed income market, small and medium sized institutions can struggle without the efficiencies of scale which large institutions...

Power to the people

New trading protocols can create paths to best execution or confound it through complexity. Chris Hall reports. “Every nation gets the government it deserves” was...

How asset managers capture micro-alpha opportunities

Setting up your desk correctly can help to boost returns for funds and clients. When an opportunity arises for a fund to improve its returns,...

Viewpoint : Beyond MiFID : Gherardo Lenti Capoduri & Umberto Menconi

Thinking beyond MiFID II: a new role for the fixed income broker By Gherardo Lenti Capoduri, Head of Market HUB, and Umberto Menconi, Business Development &...

Science vs. art: Where TCA adds value in fixed income

Picking the right transaction cost analysis methodology might improve best execution, but qualitative assessment must balance the quantitative, writes Flora McFarlane. MiFID II obliges buy-side...