Monday, September 26, 2022
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Is the market braced for another sell-off?

Traders are reporting the positive effects of innovation upon market liquidity but central banks hold all the cards. The association between the Covid 19 pandemic...

FILS 2021: Next steps to automating the bond market

Data analysis, interoperability and flexibility are the top priorities for automating the bond markets, delegates at the 2021 Fixed Income Leaders Summit (FILS) in...

Innovation through electronic trading

Dan Philip, Institutional Sales & Trading at Jane Street speaks to The DESK. How has the bond market changed this past year, in the aftermath...

Meet the new market makers

The DESK profiles six of the major electronic liquidity providers. Non-traditional market makers were seen to offer liquidity when many dealers pulled back in 2020....

Fed names new sellers to SMCCF including Jane Street, Tradeweb

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has released the the first wave of additional counterparties that it has selected to support the Secondary...

E-trading ‘outpaced’ voice for some traders in liquidity crisis

The market has evolved valuable alternatives to traditional dealer liquidity. Electronic trading was tested in the March 2020 sell-off, and it held up well. But, most...

Power to the people

New trading protocols can create paths to best execution or confound it through complexity. Chris Hall reports. “Every nation gets the government it deserves” was...

Electronic liquidity providers push for reform

The buy side relationship with alternative liquidity providers was strained five years ago after the high-frequency traders and their reputations – and business models...

The burgeoning portfolio trading business

Electronic portfolio trading offers an efficient execution channel for baskets of bonds, but Lynn Strongin Dodds finds there are several barriers to growth. Portfolio trading...

WBR survey: Buy-side pushed towards price-making and ETF use

By Pia Hecher. Following the introduction of the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), which has formalised best execution reporting, two-thirds of heads...