Monday, August 15, 2022
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Data: Are you part of the data disenfranchised?

Where some firms advocate ‘democratising’ data others struggle to capture, process or access data which is crucial to supporting the business. Creating access to data,...

FILS USA 2022: Leveraging technology to greater effect

The audience at FILS USA got an in-depth insight into optimising front office technology on Thursday, with a detailed analysis of how desktop interoperability...

FILS USA 2022: Fixed income turbulence to continue says AllianceBernstein CEO

The turbulence in fixed income markets over the past six months likely will continue through the second half of 2022, according to Seth Bernstein,...

Build your own EMS

Frustration with commercial front office technology is leading major buy-side firms to build execution capabilities. Buy-side spend on order management and execution management systems (O/EMS)...

Technology : Trader engagement : Dan Barnes

Helping traders to think like engineers The gap between the technology a trading team wants and the technology it gets is often wide; helping them...

Is the price right?

Transparent assessment of bond prices is a cornerstone of trust between investment managers and end investors. Chris Hall investigates. Pricing in fixed income markets is...

Algomi: The two-pronged attack plan

Algomi has an idea almost universally agree to be good, yet it has struggled to get it adopted. It aggregates inventory data pre-trade, in...

Making prices more easily

If dealers cannot make prices investors will have to, and many firms are stepping up to offer greater access to pricing and liquidity data....