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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Greenwich: RFQ cuts convertible bond spreads in half

New research by analyst firm Greenwich Associates has found that the request for quote (RFQ) protocol is cutting the spreads made by the most...

Tradeweb all-to-all for Europe after summer

Following the announcement of all-to-all trading on its US Credit platform, Tradeweb Europe will also be launching the functionality in H2 2017. The system, 'Blast...

The trouble with Treasuries

The DESK asks Susan Estes, CEO, OpenDoor Trading LLC., for her insights into the US Treasuries market. How would you describe the depth and width...

MiFID II: Five concerns

Chris Hall explores the five primary concerns that credit traders have about MiFID II. “MiFID II is not yet in force, but its impact is...

Predicting the future by looking at the past

Mark Pumfrey, Liquidnet. Mark Pumfrey, Head of EMEA, Liquidnet says that drawing on past experiences can provide some guidance as to how a cause will...

Italian engineering

The longstanding debt market in Italy offers a good source of insight into the impact of changing rules around best execution and transparency in...