Bloomberg makes its real-time B-PIPE data feed available on AWS

Dan Barnes

Bloomberg’s flagship real-time market data feed, B-PIPE, has been available on the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS), giving clients access to the same consolidated, normalised market data available through the Bloomberg Terminal.

With B-PIPE accessible via on-premise, hosted, and now on the cloud, Bloomberg has substantially changed its model for deployment for real-time data delivery. At present with B-PIPE’s fully managed service on the cloud, Bloomberg says its clients can simultaneously stream data for 35 million instruments across all asset classes, including data aggregated from more than 330 exchanges and over 5,000 contributors. Using a common application programming interface (API), B-PIPE clients can deploy a single application – either on-premises, via hosted, or on the cloud – and should not have to worry about capacity limitations and bypassing the need for expensive telecommunications links and integration.

Tony McManus
Tony McManus, CIO for the Enterprise Solutions, Bloomberg

“The capital markets are nearing a tipping point for cloud adoption. This is increasingly true for front-office applications where the cloud can provide reliability without the high cost of managing servers or the performance limitations of internet-based connections,” said Tony McManus, chief information officer for Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data department. “With efficient data delivery, a core pillar of our business, making B-PIPE available on the cloud is our first step in meeting customer demand. With easier access to quality market data on the cloud, clients can focus on generating value from data rather than installing and managing dedicated infrastructure.”

Bloomberg B-PIPE is currently available on AWS PrivateLink, which simplifies the security of data shared with cloud-based applications by eliminating the exposure of data to the public Internet.

B-PIPE is part of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data business, which produces pricing, reference and regulatory data sets, real-time market, event and news data, liquidity analytics along with data management and distribution technologies.

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