Eurex and Newedge veteran joins bond issuance fintech

Dan Barnes
Jean-Luc Savignac

Jean-Luc Savignac has been named USA country manager at Onbrane, a negotiation and issuance platform, aiming at tokenising debt products and managing their life cycle on a blockchain. The platform has been developed for the negotiation and issuance of fixed income products, starting with commercial paper, already live in Europe.

The firm is currently set up to address the fabric of issuance for Euro commercial paper, negotiable European commercial paper and negotiable European medium-term notes.

Savignac has previously led different types of businesses in the financial services industry globally. Until May 2019 he was head of the Equity and Index Global Sales Operations for derivatives market Eurex, while based in New York. He was formerly global chief operating officer (COO) for fixed income, currencies and commodities (FICC) and COO Americas for broker Newedge Group.

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