Finsmart set to launch DealPro for bond issuance this year

Dan Barnes
Sotiris Manderis, founder and CEO, Finsmart.

Finsmart plans to launch DealPro, a secure application to connecting underwriters and issuers in debt capital markets, later this year. The application is intended to modernise deal execution by providing all stakeholders with access to critical data in real time.

The marketing and analytical tool is accessed via cloud technology to support data segregation for each client.

The application is designed to allow intelligent data management and mining such as roadshow logistics, investor feedback and real time book building data as well as AI based analytics and contextual insights.

Sotiris Manderis, founder and CEO of Finsmart, believes this will substantially transform the user experience while at the same time facilitating more accurate decision-making.

“We want to create this interface between the underwriter and the issuer, which is not there right now,” he says. “No-one delivers this in real time, in one place, in one way that makes sense so it is easy to look in to.”

Digitalisation of deal management processes is being increased by several offerings in the market to date, which are focused on the underwriter to investor part of the workflow, including IHS Markit’s InvestorAccess and sell side consortium DirectBooks, which announced the support of euro and sterling-denominated bond issues today.
Finsmart plans to connect with relevant platforms in order to deliver the optimal functionality for issuers and their banks.

“No initiative is an island,” says Manderis. “We are planning to link into application programming interfaces (APIs) at the sources within and outside banks such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems. To access all of the book building information we will work with all of the relevant businesses in the industry.”

The process of electronifying these processes is expected to increase efficiency, reduced operational risk and greater transparency. For underwriters DealPro becomes the primary deal hub, the centralised digital communication channel with their clients. For issuers it is the one-stop-shop for managing transactions. While for institutional investors DealPro ensures secure engagement and communication through an integrated platform.

Manderis said, “We are building a unique tool to digitalise deal management addressing the principal market pain points across primary debt issuance . Access to all relevant information, securely, in real time, in one place will deliver significant value across Debt Capital Markets”.

The first application will be launched via mobile later this year digitalising deal management within debt capital markets. Subsequent versions will broaden the application usage across multiple bank verticals including equity capital markets and mergers and acquisitions.

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