Glue42 aims to boost buy and sell-side internal collaboration

Dan Barnes
Leslie Spiro, CEO, Glue42.

Glue42, the desktop tools integration specialist, has released a new version of its open-source platform, Glue42 Core. The new release, version 2.0, is designed to enable different lines of business within buy- and sell-side institutions to collaborate more effectively and get a better user experience across their entire financial technology ecosystem. Platform desktop interoperability has grown in interest for traders who use a growing number of segregated tools across multiple screens.

Glue42 Core version 2.0 is based on Glue42’s interoperability platform Glue42 Enterprise, which enables financial institutions to integrate almost any type of application. Glue42 Core is designed to support the integration of web applications and is itself web deployed.

The firms reports that the update follows users’ requests for simplified development and deployment processes. With the new version, development teams should be able to deploy this technology across multiple domains and deliver optimised workflows regardless of whether the apps reside in or outside their firm’s network.

By combining disparate applications into unified workspaces, manual tasks including search, copy/paste and inter-app navigation can be eliminated – so traders can respond to market events faster.

Andy Robertson, CIO, Chelmer.

“Glue42 Core is already an integral part of our digital transformation journey,” said Andy Robertson, CIO at Chelmer, a wealth management technology provider. “The software enables us to deliver innovation quickly and adapt applications dynamically — reassembling capabilities from inside and outside the enterprise”, a philosophy that Chelmer delivers through its Myriad platform.

He continued, “Version 2.0 will enable us to integrate and embed our apps directly into our clients’ workflows. This considerably improves ease of use and helps traders and advisors focus on their business rather than swivelling between applications.”

“We need to accept that desktop integration has come of age. It can be used for both simple and complex use-cases with no additional license cost and no need to install software on users’ machines,” said Leslie Spiro, CEO, Glue42.

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