Handelsbanken Fonder AB adopts Bloomberg’s PORT Enterprise

Dan Barnes

Handelsbanken Fonder AB, a subsidiary of Handelsbanken managing approximately 100 mutual funds, has adopted PORT Enterprise, Bloomberg’s portfolio and risk analytics solution, to further streamline its portfolio management operations.   

Handelsbanken Fonder AB is a long-established client of Bloomberg’s suite of buy-side workflow solutions, having used PORT+ for many years before migrating to PORT Enterprise. The firm expanded its use of PORT Enterprise across its equity and fixed income business to include the multi-asset class hybrid performance attribution model (MAC HPA) for fixed income and new MAC3 GRM (multi-asset class global risk model) for equities. Handelsbanken Fonder AB has adopted MAC3 as their official risk model.

In addition, Handelsbanken Fonder AB is using the PORT Optimization suite for their portfolio construction workflows, offering advances in the capital allocation and commitment processes.

Katarina Paschal, CIO active asset management – fixed income of Handelsbanken Fonder AB.

“Our adoption of PORT Enterprise is the most recent development in many years with Bloomberg’s solutions, enabling us to further streamline our portfolio and risk management operations Bloomberg’s rapid and reliable implementation coupled with industry-leading modeling solutions allows us to utilise data to better serve our clients and fulfil our business objectives,” said Katarina Paschal, CIO active asset management – fixed income of Handelsbanken Fonder AB.

The PORT enterprise solution delivers risk and attribution models, as well as portfolio analytics. With an integrated portfolio and risk management system, clients should be able make quicker, more informed decisions to manage portfolios and risk exposures at every step of the investment lifecycle. Additionally, PORT enterprise offers centrally administered off-terminal batched reporting capabilities.

“Bloomberg is proud to offer not only a wide range of offerings for the buy-side, but also solutions that create more value together than the sum of their parts. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our relationship with Handelsbanken Fonder AB to provide them with our robust and flexible solutions, powered by the quality of data and analytics that is synonymous with Bloomberg,” said Josef Kirkland, head of portfolio analytics & risk, Bloomberg. 

Handelsbanken Fonder AB also uses Bloomberg’s Research Management Solution (RMS), and a number of the firm’s electronic trading solutions, including Bloomberg’s execution management systems for equities and fixed income (EMSX and TSOX), Bloomberg’s fixed income trading platform (FIT), and Bloomberg’s multi-bank FX trading platform (FXGO). 

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