Sunday, August 14, 2022
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European Women in Finance : Sarah Gordon : Making an impact

Senior writer Shanny Basar spoke to Sarah Gordon, CEO of Impact Investing Institute about how impact investing can contribute to the well-being of people...

Fear that ‘diversity washing’ could limit progress

Mark Wade, head of credit research at Allianz Global Investors, has accused the financial services industry of ‘diversity washing’, during a debate about inclusivity...

Warning on credit exposure

There are several cases to argue for reduced credit exposure, noted Stefan Hofrichter, global economist at Allianz Global Investors, speaking on Wednesday at the...

Funding the green transition

How on God’s green earth are fixed-income portfolio managers supposed to negotiate the minefield of sustainable investing, given the myriad pitfalls and bear traps...

Allianz GI: On strength of voice

Effectively communicating across trading desks, teams, counterparties and industry is allowing Allianz Global Investors to stand out amongst asset managers. The DESK talks to...

Is the price right?

Transparent assessment of bond prices is a cornerstone of trust between investment managers and end investors. Chris Hall investigates. Pricing in fixed income markets is...

MiFID II: Five concerns

Chris Hall explores the five primary concerns that credit traders have about MiFID II. “MiFID II is not yet in force, but its impact is...