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BondCliQ US corporate bond data added to IOWArocks data marketplace

IOWArocks, the marketplace for data, tech, and services, has added BondCliQ to its IOWAdata marketplace. BondCliQ will offer its US corporate bond pre- and...

TORA integrates BondCliQ’s US corporate bond consolidated quote and trade data

Order and execution management system (OEMS) provider, TORA, has integrated its OEMS with BondCliQ’s US corporate bond consolidated quote and trade data. The integration...

Data – Can buy-side firms share bond-trading data?

Asset managers agree they need access to more trading data, but have struggled to share it effectively between themselves. The paucity of access to bond...

The DESK’s Trading Intentions Survey 2020 : Unpicking the buy-side workflow

We reveal the buy side’s use of platforms for pre-trade data, executing orders in the market and trading venues. Trading Intentions Survey highlights Bloomberg has...

Pre-trade data: The next generation

The first generation of pre-trade analytics are consolidating; the second generation of price and liquidity providers such as Bondcliq and Katana will need to...

“There is no liquidity”: Bond traders report market conditions never seen...

Buy-side bond traders are facing a considerable challenge in matching their investor’s demand for fixed income assets as equity markets plummet. Volumes are up,...

BondCliQ to provide corporate bond pricing in Charles River IMS

Charles River Development, a State Street Company, is collaborating with BondCliQ to support clients with corporate bond pricing. The deal will provide traders and...

BondCliQ users get MTS BondsPro data for US credit market

MTS Markets International, part of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), and BondCliQ, a new corporate bond market data solution, have partnered to provide BondCliQ...

Credit : Information overload : Dan Barnes

Dealer axes: Can’t see the wood for the trees A proliferation of axes and inventories are making dealer data hard to consume by trading desks....

TradingScreen integrates Bondcliq data

TradingScreen, the order and execution management system (OEMS) provider, has partnered and integrated with TradingScreen,, the corporate bond market system. The integration of BondCliQ’s...