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Citi and JP Morgan absent from Fed programme

The list of eligible dealers for the Fed’s bond and exchange-traded fund programme for the 12th May has been published and it is missing...

FIMSAC: MiFID II shows flaws in ‘equitisation’ of bond markets

By Shobha Prabhu-Naik. Europe’s revamped Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) legislation MiFID II carries ideas from the equity markets into other markets but...

NNIP sees three areas of opportunity under moderate rate rise

By Flora McFarlane. With the Fed expected to announce a third interest rate hike in December, and European counterparts likely to follow suit, investors have...

Major concerns raised about repo

By Flora McFarlane. Several buy-side practitioners have voiced warnings about the outlook for the ‘broken’ repo market, warning that European regulators needed to address the...

Liberty Street Economics: Active trading could drive loan standardisation

By Flora McFarlane. A Liberty Street Economics report analysing the US secondary loan market has found that increased trading and liquidity will potentially standardise loans. The...

CME Group to offer futures and options on Treasuries repo financing...

By Flora McFarlane. CME Group has announced that will launch futures and options based on the broad Treasuries repurchase agreement (repo) financing rate, set as...

Volcker repeal plans challenged

Ditching the Volcker Rule would have a limited effect on liquidity, but the enthusiasm for change exists. David Wigan writes. The Volcker Rule has been...

Treasuries crunch: Sponging up Treasury liquidity

A considerable increase in trade failures, combined with falling volume and buy-and-hold strategies is creating a shallow market in US treasuries, making the October...