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Quorum 15 launches digital membership with Greenwich Associates

By Shobha Prabhu-Naik. Quorum 15, a global financial markets think tank, has entered a new partnership venture with analyst firm Greenwich Associates, to support digital...

Technology : How smart is dealer AI? : Dan Barnes

Can artificial intelligence boost broker-dealers’ client coverage? Simple automation will not work for complex bond markets; tools that learn to find patterns are needed...

Buy side reports price movement risk in Treasury trading

Automated trading and derivatives are changing the way US Treasuries are traded, exposing the buy side to high-frequency trading strategies. Chris Hall reports. If big...

How to trade for alpha

Smart institutional trading desks can boost returns in support of investment management. Dan Barnes reports. If institutional portfolio management (PM) and investment trading were separated in...

SEC committee signals direction for US credit rules

New fixed income committee sees pushback on structural approach to resolving credit market challenges. David Wigan reports. As European fixed income market participants get their...

Greenwich Associates: Buy side negative on CLOB for US treasuries

By Flora McFarlane. Only 16% of buy-side firms thought using a central limit order book (CLOBs) would have a positive impact on trading US treasuries,...

SEC Fixed Income Committee: Debate on liquidity metrics

By Flora McFarlane. The often narrow focus of liquidity metrics in research was raised as a concern by the first meeting of the Security and...

Greenwich Associates: Fixed-income future shaky for dealers

By Flora McFarlane. Analyst firm Greenwich Associate’s report on investment banks trading European fixed income, has indicated that the first half of 2017’s buoyancy on...

Corporate Bond E-Trading 3.0: The drivers ahead

As electronic trading in the corporate bond market increases, those platforms and market participants who intend to be at the cutting edge of the...

Greenwich Associates: Dealer fixed income technology draws in buy-side

By Flora McFarlane. Technology spending by sell-side firms is a key factor to keeping and growing market share, according to a Greenwich Associates Report, entitled:...