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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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FILS Day 2: Heat around the consolidated bond tape

One of the more positive messages from the second day of the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit (FILS) was regarding positive progress on the development...

US Treasuries market picks up the electronic pace due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has triggered a “dramatic” shift in US Treasuries, the world’s largest bond market towards electronic execution from traditional voice trading, according to a...

Buy side wants new tools in primary market tsunami

Several buy-side traders report new primary bond market tools could come online this year in the US, with dealer consortium DirectBooks expected to step...

ICMA highlights key ‘dysfunctional’ areas of credit market

The International Capital Markets Association has reported on March’s sell-off and the impact on the corporate bond market, noting that “by March 18, considered...

Governance key to EU consolidated bond tape’s success

The International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) has published a report outlining the possible routes to delivering a successful consolidated tape of price data of...

ICMA: Buy side struggled to make margin calls as repo dried...

A new report, ‘European repo market and the COVID-19 crisis’ published by the International Capital Markets Association, has found that some buy-side firms had...

Europe’s liquidity rules are holding up… for now

New guidance on fund liquidity has followed redemption concerns in European equity and bond funds, writes Lynn Strongin-Dodds. The risk that funds are unable to...

ICMA: Fully-automatic credit trading has grown; block liquidity has reduced

The International Capital Markets Association has found 44% of buy-side trading desks have increased their use of rules-based, fully automated electronic execution compared with...

Hidden regulatory risk in CSDR

An apparently back-office focused rule, the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR), could have a serious impact on bond market liquidity, when it comes into...

Broadridge launches new repo solution

By Flora McFarlane. New York-based Broadridge Financial Solutions has launched its Repo Order Quote (ROQ) system. The multi-market aggregation and execution tool for repo markets...