Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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The Agency Broker Hub : Evolution : Umberto Menconi

THE BROKER’S EVOLUTION - FROM TRADING FLOOR TO DIGITAL MARKETS. Stock exchanges have come a long way since the 17th century when the buying and...

European Women in Finance : Morgane Delledonne : Following a theme

Morgane Delledonne, director of research in Europe for Global X ETFs talks to Shanny Basar about ETFs, structural change and speaking the truth. Morgane has...

On The DESK: Chris Perryman: Boxing clever through emerging markets

Chris Perryman combines the brains to integrate quant strategies with the brawn of strong relationships ensuring PineBridge delivers best execution for investors. Biography: Chris Perryman...

MeTheMoneyShow – Episode 22

 Dan Barnes speaks with Lynn Strongin Dodds about some old chestnuts - a consolidated tape for European equities, and the implications of Brexit for...

The utopia of the consolidated fixed income tape

Lynn Strongin Dodds explains why Europe cannot look to TRACE as a role model. Developing a consolidated tape for fixed income in Europe was never going...

MTS: Preparing fixed income participants for MiFID II 

By Tom Harry, Regulatory Specialist at MTS The upcoming implementation of MiFID II will have wide-ranging implications for fixed income trading. From 3rd January 2018, fixed income market...

Bloomberg cracks?

By Josh Weinberger & Dan Barnes. The famously holistic service has broken out the Instant Bloomberg chat function for non-terminal users, delivering what looks like...

KazMunayGas lists US$2.75 billion of Eurobonds on LSE

London Stock Exchange (LSE) has seen its largest issuance of corporate bonds from the CIS region since 2014. Kazakh oil and gas company, KazMunayGas,...

Predicting the future by looking at the past

Mark Pumfrey, Liquidnet. Mark Pumfrey, Head of EMEA, Liquidnet says that drawing on past experiences can provide some guidance as to how a cause will...