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European Women in Finance : Alexandra Boyle : Making a noise

Alexandra Boyle, Head of Client Strategic Group at OpenFin, speaks to Markets Media’s senior writer Shanny Basar about her career, her philosophy and her...

One desk for multi-asset low-touch trading

If a single desk can trade all liquid instruments for an asset manager, it could see significant cost and process efficiencies. Lynn Strongin Dodds...

Could OpenFin be as big as Bloomberg?

Connectivity between technologies and between trading participants is a perennial problem for bond trading desks. Hooking up with a new trading platform or service...

Build your own EMS

Frustration with commercial front office technology is leading major buy-side firms to build execution capabilities. Buy-side spend on order management and execution management systems (O/EMS)...

Bloomberg rival Money.Net partners OpenFin to scale up

By Shobha Prabhu-Naik. Money.Net, a provider of live streaming financial market data, has selected desktop operating system OpenFin to deploy and deliver its software at...

Major firms rally around software standardisation

Major firms rally around software standardisation The new OpenFin operating system, designed for use in finance houses, has gained considerable support for an initiative to...