Friday, December 2, 2022
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GreySpark: Buyer’s guide for cross-asset e-trading tools sets new expectations

Analyst firm GreySpark has released a new report on vendor-provided cross-asset e-trading solutions as a buyer’s guide to help traders, resetting expectations for the...

GreySpark: Smart data analytics key in reducing trading costs

A new piece of GreySpark Partners research has found that spending by investment banks and asset managers on markets and transaction data in the...

Science vs. art: Where TCA adds value in fixed income

Picking the right transaction cost analysis methodology might improve best execution, but qualitative assessment must balance the quantitative, writes Flora McFarlane. MiFID II obliges buy-side...

Rise of the EM platform

Trading EM bonds electronically is showing growth, despite the challenges in matching. Chris Hall reports. Emerging Market (EM) debt trading volumes recorded a 21% year-on-year...

Corporate bonds : How big is credit? : Joel Clark

STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR CREDIT PLATFORMS. As corporate bond trading platforms do battle, the size of the prize is not clear. Joel Clark reports. How much...