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A surfeit of bonds?

Henry I of England famously died from eating a surfeit of lampreys – a delicacy until consumed to excess. Central banks might want to...

UPDATE: Fed to end supplementary leverage ratio, talks down tapering

The federal bank regulatory agencies today announced that the temporary change to the supplementary leverage ratio, or SLR, for depository institutions issued on 2020,...

ICMA highlights key ‘dysfunctional’ areas of credit market

The International Capital Markets Association has reported on March’s sell-off and the impact on the corporate bond market, noting that “by March 18, considered...

Federal Reserve group issues credit risk warning over US Treasuries trading

By Pia Hecher. The Federal Reserve’s Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG), which discusses issues in the US government bond market, has said that firms are...

Fed breaks silence on HFT in treasuries

Having opened the US government debt market to high-frequency trading, authorities now push market participants to “be good citizens”. Dan Barnes reports. The Federal Reserve...