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Fear that ‘diversity washing’ could limit progress

Mark Wade, head of credit research at Allianz Global Investors, has accused the financial services industry of ‘diversity washing’, during a debate about inclusivity held at the Leaders in Fixed Income Summit this week. During...

Warning on credit exposure

There are several cases to argue for reduced credit exposure, noted Stefan Hofrichter, global economist at Allianz Global Investors, speaking on Wednesday at the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit. While debate over the significance of the...

9Fin takes the win in Dragon’s Den

Financial technology (fintech) firm 9Fin won the ‘Dragon’s Den’ event at FILS 2019, beating tough competition from Auquan and Scorable. Following a series of pitches for each idea, the judges grilled Steven Hunter, co-founder and...

Electronic liquidity providers push for reform

The buy side relationship with alternative liquidity providers was strained five years ago after the high-frequency traders and their reputations – and business models – were implicated in structural bias in Michael Lewis’s 2014...

Funding the green transition

How on God’s green earth are fixed-income portfolio managers supposed to negotiate the minefield of sustainable investing, given the myriad pitfalls and bear traps that can frustrate the most ethical of intentions? This was the...

CSDR warning for EM bond liquidity

The mandatory buy-in regime that will be introduced next year by Europe’s Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) could have negative consequences in the less-liquid asset classes in the emerging markets universe, FILS delegates were...

Concerns mount over stalled connectivity and price distribution

Fixed income traders still lack the direct connectivity they need to protect pricing and control data flow, according to leading buy-side stakeholders. Speaking at the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit, Juan Landazabal, global head of trading...

Could buy-side share data?

Oscar Kenessey, head of derivatives, fixed income and currency trading at NNIP has suggested that sharing data between asset managers could help to overcome industry wide challenges, speaking at a panel on the first...

China bonds on track despite delay

The recent decision by FTSE Russell not to include Chinese bonds in its World Government Bond Index and other benchmarks will not have a significant impact on the opening up of China’s domestic bond...

Hult: The dealer business is changing

Who are the big beasts of the bond markets today? The red ink on banks’ recent quarterly earnings reports writes the latest chapter in the story of failing sell-side fixed income, currency and commodity...

Did MiFID II spark a revolution?

An ‘all-star panel’ provided contrasting views on the pace of change being wrought by regulation and technology in Tuesday morning’s session, ‘Embracing a new era of fixed income’. Scott Eaton, CEO of Algomi, said the...

LIBOR risks growing

Philip Whitehurst, head of service development at clearing house LCH has warned delegates at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit to take FCA warnings seriously regarding the end of Libor as a benchmark in 2021 deadline. He referred to...

Plenary: Tips to be the best trading desk

A sophisticated analysis of trading impact, total cost and the market ecosystem is imperative to the success of a buy-side fixed income trading desk, said Daniel Leon, global head of Trading & Securities Financing at...

Hidden regulatory risk in CSDR

An apparently back-office focused rule, the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR), could have a serious impact on bond market liquidity, when it comes into effect in 2020. The European CSDR sets out a framework intended...

Connectivity vs relationship control is on the agenda at FILS

Support for streaming firm prices is contingent on connectivity between price-makers and price-takers; a big question which will play out over this year’s Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit (FILS) in Barcelona is whether this is...
Peter Rippon, CEO, OpenGamma

How to overcome the hidden challenges of new derivatives regulation : OpenGamma

By Peter Rippon, CEO, OpenGamma. New regulation introduced to mitigate the systemic risk associated with both cleared and uncleared OTC derivatives has also brought about additional costs and challenges for firms trading these products. The preparatory difficulties...

High demand for effective trading protocols

Buy-side traders, whether heavily reliant on voice trading or moving to a more electronic execution model, say they are keen to find effective protocols that can increase trading efficiency. From order and execution management systems...

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