Saturday, December 3, 2022
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What traders need to know about inflation and volatility

Significant rises in inflation have not been seen within the careers of many traders – this is what they need to know. As inflation increases,...

SOFR is off to the races

By Colm Murtagh, Head of U.S. Institutional Rates, Tradeweb. There are (surely) more obviously thrilling ways to celebrate a new year, but in many ways, the market...

Portfolio trading just keeps growing

Portfolio trading has grown so much, so quickly that it’s even surprised us. When we first launched the functionality, which allows traders to package...

Colm Murtagh: The Long Goodbye

Dollar Swaps Markets Bid Farewell to LIBOR. In July, it was linear swaps. In November, non-linear. And next week, on December 13, the further expansion...

Tradeweb expands mortgage trading platform to originators

Fixed income market operator, Tradeweb, has expanded its platform for trading specified pools of mortgages, now enabling mortgage originators to trade alongside other secondary...

Buy side reports price movement risk in Treasury trading

Automated trading and derivatives are changing the way US Treasuries are traded, exposing the buy side to high-frequency trading strategies. Chris Hall reports. If big...