Friday, December 2, 2022
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How e-trading connectivity has been fragmented by sanctions

Sanctions on the Russian regime, on associated firms and on individuals have restricted legal access to some instruments and counterparties, yet portfolio managers may...

A very clear contrast in trading volumes as sanctions bite

The second chart this week shows trading in Russian government bonds which fell off a cliff at the start of March, triggered by an...

The effect of war on pricing and spreads is widening

The economic effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine needs to be put in context next to the human tragedy, but data is showing...

Market disruption spreads beyond Ukraine and Russia

Traders are reported that liquidity across developed and emerging markets is being hit, with trades taking far longer to complete and price formation suffering...

Reports: Ukraine raises nearly US$300 million in bond sale

Ukraine has successfully raised funds in the bond market at a time when Russian debt is becoming untradable. The proceeds from the bonds will...

Market reflects grim situation in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 by Russia, wedded to subsequent sanctions and travel restrictions have triggered a series of market responses...