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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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UBS integrates Bond Port with iQbonds to increase counterparty diversity

UBS has integrated its Bond Port trading venue with iQbonds, the bond trading platform of software provider valantic. iQbonds is heavily used in the German...

UBS Bond Port

UBS Bond Port In a continually challenging market place, with more regulations, and liquidity at a premium, UBS Bond Port gives you access to a...

Fixed income: The unexpected consequences of change

By Mark Goodman, Managing Director, Global Head of Electronic Execution – FX, Rates, Credit & Futures at UBS Investment Bank. Our age’s fascination with technology...

Is the price right?

Transparent assessment of bond prices is a cornerstone of trust between investment managers and end investors. Chris Hall investigates. Pricing in fixed income markets is...

Trading Intentions Survey 2017: US Focus

Firms with US credit desks are checking out Algomi, KCG Bondpoint and Trumid. About the survey: The Trading Intentions Survey is conducted by The DESK, asking...

Trading Intentions Survey 2017

The range of credit liquidity aggregation platforms used has increased, reducing demand for new connections. About the survey The DESK’s Trading Intentions Survey is global primary research...

Corporate bonds : How big is credit? : Joel Clark

STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR CREDIT PLATFORMS. As corporate bond trading platforms do battle, the size of the prize is not clear. Joel Clark reports. How much...

Industry viewpoint : All-to-all markets : Mark Goodman

FROM THE VILLAGE TO THE CITY. MAXIMISING THE BENEFITS OF THE ALL-TO-ALL MARKET. By Mark Goodman, Managing Director, Global Head of Electronic Trading – FX, Rates and Credit...

Industry viewpoint : Mike du Plessis : UBS

COMING TO TERMS WITH THE NEXT PHASE OF MARKET TRANSFORMATION. By Mike du Plessis, Managing Director, UBS Global Head of FX, Rates & Credit Execution...

Trading Intentions Survey 2016 : The DESK

Building on data gathered in our 2015 Trading Intention’s Survey, The DESK presents its findings for 2016. The respondents. This year we had 70 responses from...