Chappell and Nuyts launch European outsourced trading centre

Dan Barnes
Bart Nuyts and Brett Chappell

A new outsourced trading and advisory firm, Sherpa Edge, will launch operations on 1 April led by two highly experienced traders Bart Nuyts and Brett Chappell, both partners in the firm.

Nuyts was most recently a senior fixed income trader at Nordea Asset Management, having previously worked at KBC Asset Management as head of FI trading, while Chappell was head of FI trading at Nordea AM until 2018 and has since managed a consulting business.

Sherpa Edge has developed to provide financial advisory and trade execution to family offices, asset managers, insurers, pension funds, and treasuries. Two key requirements for a successful endeavour are independence and a lean mentality. Sherpa Edge is in dialogue with the competent authorities to ensure it delivers compliant and best practice services.

“Regulatory demands, industry downsizing, and increasing digitalization of the markets are presenting ever greater challenges for the buy-side community. A dedicated focus on best execution and the full value chain of trading have never been more apparent as March 2020 has shown.” Chappell says. “Outsourced trading is new to the region, and we’ll be engaging in a rapid education process with our clients.”

Sherpa Edge plans to work closely with a variety of professional partners to ensure optimal transactional excellence for its clients. These partners will consist of existing market participants and start-ups with a specific focus on market segments and protocols. The objective is to deliver a bespoke service with a transparent cost structure in the best interest of the clients.

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