Friday, December 2, 2022
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FILS 2022: Automation drive continues amid liquidity squeeze

Recruiting an army of coders cannot be a panacea for traders’ data, liquidity problems, according to an all-star panel on day one of this...

The big shocks hitting portfolios in 2022

Portfolio managers have some very large events to consider, along with many more nuanced side-effects. At the beginning of the year, rising inflation and interest...

FILS 2021: Macros pressures not shaking bond investor confidence

Investors remain optimistic on debt markets despite the possibility of higher inflation, Fed tapering and disruption from structural changes in China according to discussions...

Data’s weakness in March crisis accelerates calls for European tape

Where European bond market infrastructure has lagged behind US, traders – and therefore investors – have suffered. From a promised age of enlightenment, many traders...

Power to the people

New trading protocols can create paths to best execution or confound it through complexity. Chris Hall reports. “Every nation gets the government it deserves” was...

CIOs assess stormy markets ahead

Managers can expect an even worse start to 2020 than they endured in 2019, unless credit markets see an adjustment, according to Chris Iggo,...

Portfolio trading challenged on best execution

For decades, tourists have flocked to Spain’s Costa Brava in anticipation of the three Ss, broadly understood to refer to sun, sea and sangria....

Plenary: Tips to be the best trading desk

A sophisticated analysis of trading impact, total cost and the market ecosystem is imperative to the success of a buy-side fixed income trading desk, said...

Connectivity vs relationship control is on the agenda at FILS

Support for streaming firm prices is contingent on connectivity between price-makers and price-takers; a big question which will play out over this year’s Fixed...

On the DESK : Lee Sanders, AXA Investment Managers

Lee Sanders, head of Head of Execution at AXA Investment Managers believes that increasing automation is the biggest issue on buy-side trading desks. How has...