Friday, December 2, 2022
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Denmark FSA investigating bond funds’ double-figure losses

Sources report the Danish Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has launched an investigation into fund losses from mortgage bond holdings, as rising interest rates have...

Exoé signs Sherpa Edge Trading as linked agent in Northern Europe

Sherpa Edge Trading is entering into a linked agent agreement with outsourced trading provider Exoé. This partnership will bring Exoé’s buy-side outsourced multi-asset trading...

Sherpa Edge appoints Frank Lynge Jensen as chief trader

Outsourced trading specialist Sherpa Edge has appointed Frank Lynge Jensen as chief trader. Lynge Jensen has 21 years’ experience as a trader, working as...

Red, consolidated, tape

Traders want Europe to improve the quality of fixed income data, and quickly. Gill Wadsworth reports. In October UK consultant Market Structure Partners was awarded...

Chappell leaves Nordea IM as head of fixed income trading

Brett Chappell has left Nordea Investment Managers as head of fixed income trading, with his role being filled temporarily by Jakob Jessen, executive director...

MTS BondVision and B2SCAN: Tackling the liquidity challenge head-on

MTS BondVision and B2SCAN are partnering to streamline the process of execution in corporate bonds. By combining liquidity discovery with order matching, the trading...