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US Treasuries: You can’t handle the truth

Editorial by Dan Barnes. Nobody wants responsibility for the US Treasuries market. We checked. In 2014 The DESK approached every US financial regulator and authority to...

SEC finds market liquidity minimally impacted by regulatory reforms

By Flora McFarlane. A paper by the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA) of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has found that...

Volcker repeal plans challenged

Ditching the Volcker Rule would have a limited effect on liquidity, but the enthusiasm for change exists. David Wigan writes. The Volcker Rule has been...

Municipal mean reversion

Dealers are now committing more capital in the muni market but future tax reforms threaten buy-side demand. Chris Hall reports. Is the US municipal bond...

Plan to replace Dodd-Frank formally introduced in House of Representatives

The chairman of the Financial Services Committee in the US House of Representatives, Jeb Hensarling, has formally introduced the Financial CHOICE Act, a proposed...

House of Representatives hearing: Volcker link to bond illiquidity tenuous

Testimony given to the US House of Representatives on 29 March 2017 suggests the Volcker Rule cannot be directly blamed for poor liquidity in...

Predicting the future by looking at the past

Mark Pumfrey, Liquidnet. Mark Pumfrey, Head of EMEA, Liquidnet says that drawing on past experiences can provide some guidance as to how a cause will...