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Seth Bernstein: Diversification via fixed income “if not dead, is in...

Seth Bernstein, the CEO of US$622 billion AUM asset manager AllianceBernstein, has opened the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit US today, with an analysis of...

DirectBooks names team and launches advisory committee

DirectBooks, a sell-side consortium designing systems for the primary bond market, has named Yvonne Wang as chief operating officer, and Christopher Rodriguez as global...

AllianceBernstein CEO calls for review of daily dealing bond funds

Seth Bernstein, CEO of buy-side firm AllianceBernstein, has called for a review of daily dealing for clients, for mutual funds, while maintaining support for...

PIMCO to use Algomi ALFA for liquidity sourcing

PIMCO, one of the world’s largest fixed income investment managers by assets under management will begin using Algomi ALFA, the pre-trade data aggregator for...

Concern over data dominates corporate bond discussions

Limited access to data is impeding quantitative analysis of best execution for corporate bonds, leading to a need for more qualitative analysis for many...

Volcker repeal plans challenged

Ditching the Volcker Rule would have a limited effect on liquidity, but the enthusiasm for change exists. David Wigan writes. The Volcker Rule has been...

Algomi: The two-pronged attack plan

Algomi has an idea almost universally agree to be good, yet it has struggled to get it adopted. It aggregates inventory data pre-trade, in...