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Why repo will not crash again

In December 2016 Europe’s repo markets crashed and burned. This year may look healthier than last but finding liquidity can still prove challenging. Lynn...

Rise of the EM platform

Trading EM bonds electronically is showing growth, despite the challenges in matching. Chris Hall reports. Emerging Market (EM) debt trading volumes recorded a 21% year-on-year...

Return of volatility – will liquidity shifts bend or break US...

Disclosed trading and internalisation are increasing as liquidity is wrung out of dealers and electronic market-makers. Chris Hall reports. As January’s storms ripped holes in...

Market news | Treasury liquidity

Fed warns on liquidity mirage for US treasuries. Making a real-time assessment of market liquidity across multiple venues is more difficult due to high-frequency trading...

Treasuries crunch: Sponging up Treasury liquidity

A considerable increase in trade failures, combined with falling volume and buy-and-hold strategies is creating a shallow market in US treasuries, making the October...

‘Flash Boys’ hits US treasuries market

An old-fashioned trading model is giving HFT firms the edge over dealers and funds on the interdealer treasury markets, writes Dan Barnes. A number of...