Saturday, October 1, 2022
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The big shocks hitting portfolios in 2022

Portfolio managers have some very large events to consider, along with many more nuanced side-effects. At the beginning of the year, rising inflation and interest...

FILS 2021: Natural attrition should drive new ways to trade

Old ways of working must be ‘allowed to die’ to make way for blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), delegates at day two of...

THETA hires Flanagan amid whirlwind of connectivity ahead of launch

THETA, the specialist provider of buy-side trading technology as a service, has appointed Paul Flanagan as strategic sales advisor, managing relationships with buy-side firms. Flanagan...

Chinese govies step closer to collateral acceptability

Acceptance of Chinese government bonds as collateral will hinge upon rule changes around defaults. Lynn Strongin Dodds reports. The use of Chinese government bonds as...

Ediphy’s consolidated tape initiative sees positive response from the market

Chris Murphy, CEO and co-founder of Ediphy, says his fintech business will seek to provide a consolidated tape for European bond markets, using a...

Women in Finance : Supurna VedBrat : Being on point

Supurna VedBrat, Global Head of Trading at BlackRock, talks to Lynn Strongin Dodds about strategic planning, diversity of thought and transferable skillsets Although Supurna VedBrat,...

How to secure balance sheet from your broker

Buy- and sell-side veterans tell us the best practices which persuade brokers to take risk on their clients’ behalf. Finding sell-side partners to take the...

FILS 2018: Brexit may further impede transparency

By Joel Clark. Nearly a year on from the implementation of MiFID II, the rulebook has still not achieved its objective of increasing transparency in...

Technology : How smart is dealer AI? : Dan Barnes

Can artificial intelligence boost broker-dealers’ client coverage? Simple automation will not work for complex bond markets; tools that learn to find patterns are needed...

Uncertainty persists around process trades

A standardised approach to handling process trades would better support dealers. By David Wigan. In mid-February, the European Securities Market Association (ESMA) published a formal...