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Up to date reporting on and around The Fixed Income Leaders Summit, Amsterdam, 6-8 November 2018

FCA “utterly useless” engaging with EU over Brexit

By Chris Hall. Veteran city commentator Anthony Hilton delivered a harsh verdict on the UK financial regulators’ efforts to support Britain’s finance industry ahead of the country’s departure from the European Union, speaking on the...

No respite for Italian volatility

By Chris Hall. Political uncertainties will continue to guarantee challenging conditions for investors in Italian government bonds well into 2019, according to speakers on Thursday’s CIO keynote panel at the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit in...

Buy side ‘owes’ it to the market to make progress with tech

By Joel Clark. Using innovative systems and technology to improve fixed income trading is part of the duty of care that buy-side traders owe to their clients, management and the broader market, according to Lee...

Take a modular approach to layering regs, industry told

By Joel Clark. Having implemented multiple regulations on a standalone basis over the past decade, market participants must now take a more flexible modular approach that allows systems to be modified and tweaked as rulebooks...

Python eats traders

By Chris Hall. Balancing man and machine will be the critical success factor for buy-side trading desks, delegates were told in Thursday’s head trader keynote panel, with coding languages such as ‘Python’ becoming a key...

Swinburne: Traders should beware of radical change in Europe

Brexit will mean that politics will take precedent over principal, when setting policy in Europe, warned Kay Swinburne MEP, speaking at the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit in Amsterdam. "We need to consider the changes that...

As QE sails into history, investors look to unfamiliar shores

By Chris Hall. The end of quantitative easing has been long signposted by central banks, but there are still sufficient sources of uncertainty to keep fixed-income investors on their toes over the next 12-18 months....

Concern over data dominates corporate bond discussions

Limited access to data is impeding quantitative analysis of best execution for corporate bonds, leading to a need for more qualitative analysis for many bond trades. Speaking at the panel, ‘What are the parameters you...

Euro swaps clearing: hope for the best, prepare for the worst

By Joel Clark. As the UK’s exit from the European Union edges closer, concern over the vexed question of clearing of euro-denominated swaps has intensified, but clearing house officials and market participants speaking at the...

Call for regulatory reform of primary markets

By Chris Hall. Panellists were split on whether regulatory intervention is needed to improve transparency and efficiency in a debate on electronification and standardisation of primary market issuance. “There is little or no transparency on how...