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Tradeweb announces first fully electronic SOFR swap spread trade

Market operator Tradeweb reports it has completed the first fully electronic institutional Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) swap spread trade. BlackRock and JP Morgan...

IHS Markit publishing new CRITR US dollar funding rate

Information, analytics and solution provider, IHS Markit, is now publishing a series of forward-looking dynamic term rates that measure the daily US Dollar (USD)...

Bloomberg: Banks face FRTB data and modelling hurdles

Banks facing challenges in their implementation of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), the rules issued by the Basel Committee for Banking...

Sponsored feature : Alternative Reference Rates : ICE

Alternative Reference Rates - The European Perspective. As the market transitions to new benchmarks, the question of how participants can best manage risk remains crucial. ICE Benchmark...

MeTheMoneyShow – Episode 14

Dan Barnes speaks with Lynn Strongin Dodds on the push and pull of the Libor transition, the increased traction in ESG investing, and the...

LIBOR risks growing

Philip Whitehurst, head of service development at clearing house LCH has warned delegates at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit to take FCA warnings seriously regarding...

Bloomberg cracks?

By Josh Weinberger & Dan Barnes. The famously holistic service has broken out the Instant Bloomberg chat function for non-terminal users, delivering what looks like...