Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Could the Twitter hangover really hurt credit liquidity?

Banks’ support for market making is tied to the bonds they carry on their books, and the cost that has for their balance sheets....

Less distressed debt

The risks of default in high yield credit are one reason cited for reduced sell-side trading activity in the asset class. However, while the...

Withering supply of European high yield

Comparing the ‘year-to-April’ data across years, 2022’s high yield issuance looks more like the post-financial crisis period than most years in between. Data from CreditSights...

How the effects of war are spreading in Asia

The war in Ukraine outside of Europe is, from a capital markets perspective, driving a ‘risk-off’ attitude across issuers, buy-side and sell-side firms. As...

The effect of war on pricing and spreads is widening

The economic effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine needs to be put in context next to the human tragedy, but data is showing...

Emerging markets’ big issues in 2022

According to analysis by CreditSights, there has been a negative total return for credit in emerging markets with the exception of Gulf Cooperation Council...

Is issuance for the high jump?

Data from CreditSights indicates the pace of US investment grade bond issuance fell from May, only to jump back in August, at a point...

Chart of the week: Attack of the killer BBBs

The lowest tier of investment grade bonds show an interesting opportunity in the new issue space, as observed by analyst firm CreditSights. Relative value...

Fitch Group to acquire CreditSights

Rating and data provider Fitch Group is acquiring CreditSights, the provider of credit research to the global financial community. The company is being acquired from...